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Is there a biotech career in your future?

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a young, vibrant and diverse discipline, whose tenet is to use microorganisms for the manufacturing of biological therapeutics, foods, chemicals, and other products benefitting people. It includes agrobiotechnology, diagnostics, and bioremediation. The future of biotechnology is driven by advances in healthcare, industrial biotechnology, biofuels, and cleantech.


The MBP offers you the chance to be a part of the biotech future by providing instruction and training in many of the biotech disiplines through courses, seminars, advanced electives, and hands-on research.



How can a Master of Science in Biotechnology degree help you?

At Northwestern University, M.S. in Biotechnology students obtain a firm foundation in both the biological sciences and bioprocess engineering. Our interdisciplinary approach provides students with the flexibility and knowledge to pursue a number of biotechnology professions. In addition to becoming research and process development specialists, MBP graduates have taken up careers as consultants, regulatory affairs associates, and analysts.


Our program also prepares students to meet the demands of doctoral programs. MBP graduates have pursued Ph.D.'s in Chemical Engineering and the Biological Sciences while others have gone on to work towards their M.D. or J.D.

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"We hire both BS and MS students for technical positions, but the additional 2-3 years of experience combined with an advanced education in Biotechnology makes MBP graduates a more attractive hire than the typical BA student. Their well-developed understanding and application of good laboratory practices further enhances the value of students from the MBP program.”


David Amrani, Ph.D., FAHA


Biocompatibility, Hematology, Medical Devices & Regenerative Medicine

Amrani Consulting LLC



MBP prepares students for success

The MBP industrial liaison and faculty support students and alumni in their search for internship, co-op, and permanent jobs by:

  • Providing individual review and advice on job application materials (resumes, cover letters, and presentations)
  • Creating opportunities to network with industry professionals through seminars, career roundtables, and our annual Industrial Advisory Board meetings
  • Recruiting bioprocess development-specific positions from industry contacts
  • Supplying industry perspective and educating students on the biotechnology field

MBP students have begun careers in biotechnology and pharmaceutical discovery research, process development, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, intellectual property law, and business consulting.

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Alumni Spotlight

Matthew Barnes, Class of 2008-09

“The MBP provides a world-class education that is well respected by employers. Students develop marketable skills from a combination of independent research, coursework, and direct training with bioprocessing equipment. Moreover, the Faculty and Industrial Advisory Board are well connected— this opened many doors that otherwise would have been unavailable to me.”  



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Long term growth in biotechnology industry will come from: